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Pro-Fit Saigon Metabolic Training Tip

Hi All,

Have a look at the photo here. I'm having my Saigon fitness training client perform a Compound Movement (a human movement involving two or more muscles or joints).

He is doing a "Step Up with a Knee Strike".

The step up is performed on a bench allowing him to bend his leg at a 90 degree (safe) angle and as well, his knee strike is at the height of a 90 degree angle bent at his waist.

The step up contracts his glutes and upper quads. The knee strikes contracts his abdominal region.

His rate of movement or intensity is at a pace fast enough to elevate his heart rate to a level necessary to burn fat.

Fantastic fitness training movement with multiple body part benefits.

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Pro-Fit Saigon Personal Trainer
Pro-Fit Saigon Metabolic Training

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