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Pro-Fit Saigon Bar Training @ Vinhomes Central Park

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Hi All,

Want to let everyone know that we offer some incredibly cool Bars Training at Vinhomes Central Park. (Yes, we train in the gyms as well)

The particular type of fitness training is so cool because we can train outdoors and mix in elements of any other fitness training styles you choose. (As long as we feel it meets your goal requirements)

We can offer Bar specific training or we can use elements of Bar Training, Cardio, Body Weight, Speed, Strength, Agility and balance. The Bar Training serves as resistance in the form of body weight in multiple postures using multiple muscles.

Very cool training in an awesome atmosphere. We usually jump right into the pool afterwards!

Please contact us at www.saigonpersonaltrainer.com to sign up for personal training.

Pro-Fit Saigon Personal Trainer
Pro-Fit Saigon Personal Trainer

Author: Dennis Romatz - ProFit Saigon

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