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Pro-Fit Saigon certified, personal trainers, nutritional coaches, fitness coaches, yoga instructors and weight loss coaches in Ho Chi Minh City are a team of passionate, career minded fitness professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our certified personal trainers, fitness coaches & yoga instructors

Dennis Romatz - Elite Personal Trainer


Dennis is an Internationally acclaimed personal trainer the Owner and Head Personal Trainer at Pro-Fit Saigon which is a division of his Parent company, Pro-Fit Asia Co., Ltd. with personal training locations in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya Thailand, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam now in it's 14th year of operation in S.E. Asia.


Dennis' is a detailed perfectionist who teaches bio mechanically correct exercise techniques of human movement for optimal performance and training goal achievement ultimately leading to body and life changing results for his clients.

Dennis is best known for his mastery of human physiology and the body's processes and functionality relative to his weight loss programs which garner at least a half pound of weight loss per day with bio metrically tracked training protocols and plant based nutritional coaching.


Central Michigan University - Exercise Science / Nutrition / Business Administration

Certified Personal Trainer 


Certified Personal Trainer - 34 years

Plant Based Nutrition Coach - 17 years

Muay Thai Kickboxing Trainer - 22 years

Dennis' personal training career has taken him from the Central Michigan University Human Anatomy Lab  at Central Michigan University where he was taught and mentored by the the highly revered Dr. Parr. all the way to Saigon, Viet Nam with training stops in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hollywood and Newport Beach, California to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Thailand and now Saigon where he owns and operates the very successful Pro-Fit Asia, Co., Ltd.


Guaranteed Weight Loss

Pregnancy Training

Functional Training

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Nathan Love - Master Personal Trainer


Nathan is a dedicated personal trainer and fitness industry professional with a focus on continued education for both himself and the personal trainers working in the fitness industry in Viet Nam.

His mastery of flawless personal training, exercise and human movement techniques provides him with the tools and skills to train all of his clients with a goal oriented, results driven focus guaranteed to achieve training success. 


Certified Personal Trainer 

NASM Master Trainer


Certified Personal Trainer - 5 years

Nathan has been training in Viet Nam for more than 7 years and has since accomplished the title of NASM Master Trainer which is the highest level of education and certification for National Academy of Sports Medicine which is the most credible personal trainer organization in the World.

Nathan is the personal trainer who has taught and certified many of the certified personal trainers in Viet Nam.

Yogi Jiva - Yoga Master Instructor


Yogi Jiva is widely regarded as the best yoga instructor in and female personal trainers in Ho Chi Minh and we consider ourselves privileged to have her on our Pro-Fit Saigon team.

Yogi Jiva absolutely lives and breathes yoga and all of it's zen elements which make her personality mature, grounded and extremely professional.  She's a lovely person to explore yoga with and an even better person to be around.


Certified Yoga Instructor - 500 hours

Certified Personal Trainer


Yogi Jiva's been immersed in yoga instruction for more than 15 years.  Most of these years of experience have been in Ho Chi Minh City where she excels in yoga classes at several local training studios.  She also specializes in private yoga sessions for her clients at apartment gyms and their homes.

The best part about Yogi Jiva's abilities are in how she can tailor each client's yoga session exactly how they want it.