nutrition coach in HO CHI MINH CITY

We provide plant based nutrition coaching for all our clients so they can live well and perform optimally.

utrition coach in Ho Chi Minh City

Eat healthy with our

plant based nutrition coaching

Pro-Fit Saigon offers nutritional guidance, meal planning and food education for goal support and daily optimal health.  Our focus is largely Plant Based with emphasis immune boosters, antioxidants, micro nutrients and minerals.

We provide nutritional guidance with every client, within every personal fitness training session in Ho Chi Minh.

Daily meal plans

We provide meal plans enabling you to adhere to a consistent, structured schedule of consuming proper foods.

Our daily meal plans are designed according to your specific dietary requirements.  They facilitate fitness training goal support and optimize daily, function, performance, health & well being.

Food education

Pro-Fit Saigon provides food education to our personal training clients to ensure their future food consumption, meals and snacks are exactly what they should and should not be eating according to their nutritional requirements. 

Our fundamental approach to food education is to teach our clients about proper foods for a lifetime of sensible eating and optimal health.

Immune boosters

Pro-Fit provides meal plans inclusive of immune boosters foods & drinks.  We educate our clients about the positive effects of immune boosters and provide recommendations on variety of immune booster rich foods, drinks and smoothies which are both delicious and incredibly healthy. 


Pro-Fit Saigon provides an education about antioxidants and incorporates this information into our personal training sessions as part of our nutritional guidance.

Antioxidants are a component of daily food consumption which should be prioritized for prevention of organism cell damage.

Micro nutrients

Pro-Fit Saigon provides educational information regarding micronutrients & minerals as apart of our food education and nutritional guidance.

We teach our clients about the functional and importance of micronutrients in our daily lives and the effects it has on our bodily function.