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Discover our powerful & intelligent exercise science based, heart rate tracked fitness programs which will get you into incredible shape quickly & safely.

Fitness training programs in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City

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goal targeted fitness program

Pro-Fit Saigon provides a full menu of fitness training programs for every goal and every individual fitness training requirement.

Every client receives a comprehensive exercise testing assessment prior to us designing and assigning the most appropriate training program. 

The wonderful aspects of our apartment personal gym training in Ho Chi Minh is realized with the privacy of your training sessions, convenient training locations and flexible scheduling.

Every client's fitness training program is designed after thorough exercise testing, assessments & functional movement screens.

Fitness program menu


Corrective and rehabilitative training are also included in this category.

We identify the root cause of your issue and design a fitness training program which targets this are as well as the surrounding muscles, tendons, ligament and connective tissue.

The training protocols are very clinical in scope with the utmost in safety and caution as a priority. 


This is a head to toe fitness training program involving the use of nearly every muscle in your body utilizing your own body weight.  A variety of postures are used so that we can train every muscle and hit every body part while exercising anywhere you choose.  All we need is a flat open space.


Our General Health training programs are designed to increase cardio respiratory endurance, VO2 Maxillary, increase strength, lower weight by reducing body fat, improve food consumption, lower cardiovascular risk factors, improve bio metric numbers and improve your mental perspective.

This is an encompassing fitness training program for everyone who wants to basically "get fitter"!


Pro-Fit Saigon Strength & Conditioning training program consists of a collection of fitness disciplines including cardio respiratory training, strength training and body weight training.  This type of training is designed to increase lean muscle mass, increase cardio respiratory endurance, weight loss & reduce body fat and increase physical performance.  Pro-Fit Saigon Strength & Conditioning training also serves to produce an amazing looking and well chiseled physique.

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Nutritional Guidance is included in Ho Chi Minh personal fitness training session.  I prioritize food education and consumption for optimal health.  The old adage weight loss is 50 / 50 exercise and nutrition is no longer valid.  The new equation is 80% proper food intake & 20% exercise.

Nutritional guidance and food education for goal support as well as immune system boosters, minerals and what foods to absolutely stay away from.

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Our Sports Performance training is designed to enhance performance for those aspiring to achieve a higher level in their respective sport.  The Sports Performance training program includes relevant exercises and movements according to each client's sport and particular needs for improvement within their training and abilities.  Clients training with us can also benefit from Sports Performance training as it serves to offer other aspects of training which may be exciting and beneficial to those wanting something new in their training schedule.

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Weight Loss is the most popular training goal.  95% of our clients ask for weight loss specific training so it's no secret why we are so good at reducing body weight and body size.  We use Cardio Kickboxing and High Intensity Interval Training for maximum weight loss while also increasing general health and cardiovascular fitness.We can tailor a personalized weight loss program for each individual client so that we target weight loss as well as perform a workout which is exciting and fresh.

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Cardio respiratory Endurance training goes hand in hand with General Fitness and what client refer to as "I want to improve my fitness level".  Cardiovascular Endurance training can include Cardio Kickboxing, Treadmill specific training or any combination of a numbers of methods we use to get your heart rate up and train.

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Pregnancy Fitness Training is a very specialized form of fitness. Pro-Fit Saigon owner Dennis Romatz has become known as the "Pregnancy training guy".  Utmost safety and caution is the primary focus of all pregnancy workouts no matter what trimester you may be in. 

A very special and personalized workout is designed for each individual pregnant client according to her needs and current health condition. 

Some workouts are performed in the pool and some are performed inside a gym or your home setting. 

We let our pregnant clients decide where they prefer to train according to where they feel the most comfortable.

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Pro-Fit Saigon Yoga is private and exclusive in the comforts of your home, condo gym or the place where you feel most at peace.  We will send our yoga instructor right to your location so that you can be assured of a peaceful, therapeutic yoga session.  The specific type of yoga session you prefer is exactly what we will deliver.  We can provide all types of yoga in a private setting except Hot Yoga.

The most phenomenal yoga experience you will have is the one we give you right at your home. 

We offer scenic and serene yoga at a park in Saigon in the early morning or in the evening.  We must admit that the early morning yoga is the best!

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Pro-Fit Saigon Core training is unique as we can either tailor a Core specific program or include a sufficient amount of Core training into your already devised fitness training program.  Pro-Fit Saigon Core training centers your attention on the waistline as a whole as well as your spine and gluteal region.  Our movements are designed to increase flexibility, increase strength and reduce waistline circumference.

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Stretching & Flexibility training is one of the most important entities of fitness training. Pro-Fit Saigon personal trainers place a high degree of attention on stretching to reduce injury, maintain mobility and increase performance.  Stretching & Flexibility workouts can be designed with more of a yoga flavor or more of sports stretch focused.

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We use the foam roller during most of this program because it works so well.  Different sizes of foam rollers and balls are used in the various body parts as required.  This myofscial release training program compliments our stretch program and the two are often combines for a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic session.


Pro-Fit Saigon Cardio Kickboxing is the undisputed champion workout for getting a lean, slim waistline, increasing cardiovascular endurance, reducing body fat and increasing fitness levels.  Pro-Fit Saigon owner Dennis Romatz has a unique style of Muay Thai Kickboxing which he has designed and perfected through many years and many sessions of Kickboxing training. 

This is absolutely the workout for you if you want an energized, exciting workout with fast results.

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Pro-Fit Saigon's Aqua / Pool Fitness workouts are best described as "perfect"!  Perfect on a hot, sunny day to reduce core body temperatures.

Perfect for Seniors requiring a gentle, therapeutic workout.  Perfect for pregnant ladies.  Perfect for clients needing injury rehabilitation. 

We can design the perfect Pool workout for whatever your fitness needs may be.

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Aerobic, anaerobic, cardio respiratory & metabolic conditioning

This includes goal appropriate intensity Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Metabolic Conditioning for weight loss & management, body fat reduction.  Training methodologies include H.I.I.T., Interval Training & Kickboxing protocols with body weight.

Those is a common method of training as it incorporates the entire body.

Postural, myofascial, corrective, physio, rehabilitative

Principals of Biomechanics & Kinesiology formulate the modalities and protocols and are designed and prescribed with a focus on correcting disfunctional and asymetrical anatomical areas to create a perfect body posture and alignment.  Training principals can be integrated into other training forms for persons with multiple training goals.

Functional, muscular, flexibility, mobility, performance

Tendon, ligament and the contraction & stretch functions of the muscles relevant to flexibility, mobility and increased muscular growth are targeted.  Everything from resistance training to yoga can be performed within these goal parameters.  This type of training works synergistically with Metabolic Conditioning for a complete style of workout.

Nutrition, food education, meal plans

Goal specific Nutritional Guidance, Food Education & Meal Planning are prioritized and included in every personal training session to maximize successful training results and to maintain a healthy lifestyle providing weight management, proper bodily function and optimal daily human and / or sports performance.